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The Max Purpose is to empower people to experience better health, success and significance. Many people have been drawn to Max because of the honest effort of Steve Scott and our scientists to create an organization that cares about individuals needs. For many, finding a company that tries to do the right thing for all the right reasons is as important as anything else. See some of their thoughts below.

I was the top recruiter in another company when I heard of Max. It was described to me as a company with a proprietary science that was going to change network marketing in our time. I attended the very first convention and realized the company was built on three absolutely essential ingredients for global growth; the right people, breakthrough products, and a pay plan that sustains financial security. I left a successful business to start with Max because I knew it would be simple. We get so concerned about success that we often make building this business more difficult than it needs to be. Building business is a matter of letting our sales tools do the hard work for us. All we have to do is share the message of Max with everyone we meet. Start with a conversation about health or economic problems, an invitation to learn more, a presentation of the solution that Max represents and enroll people as soon as they understand how Max represents their best solution. I want to see tens of thousands of people's lives changed every month. Max is just beginning.

For the longest time, I had no real quality of life. When I first got on the Max products I started getting my energy back, spring returned to my step, I started to feel happy again. After about 3 months on the product, I joined a running clinic. I was never a runner, but now am going to fit camps and have been active for three years now. Originally, I signed up to get the product. I never intended to do the business, but the products literally transformed my life. I now have hope for the future, both the things I want to do and the plans that I can make. This is all possible due to the products and the opportunity. We are sitting on something incredible and the world needs to know.

I am not new to networking, but I have never seen a product and company like Max. To say we were interested, when we came to understand the purpose of Max International's breakthrough products, is an understatement. When we saw the compensation plan we knew we had to be part of this company. People want certainty and these products create real results. The company provides income that is life changing. Our teams are building residual incomes internationally by sharing product experiences in connection with the business opportunity. Max changes everything. Because of our proprietary science and a sound marketing system, we have a better way for both people who are just getting started and seasoned marketers. The key is your willingness to take action.

I attended the first convention in 2007 when Steve Scott shared his personal vision for Max International. As I listened to his level of commitment to our breakthrough science, I was impressed that someone with his success record was prepared to leave the company that made him wealthy to create a new company that could make other people healthy. When entrepreneurs like Steve Scott, Greg Renker, Bill Guthy and now Greg Norman commit their time and resources to the purpose of Max International, it makes me confident that we'll be welcoming people home for years to come.

My life was sailing along in the mortgage business. We were doing good but not great. We were making money but not creating wealth. When the housing market fell apart my business went with it. I had been in a networking company a long time ago and promised myself that networking would be the last place I looked to build income. When my brother called to tell me about a new company, Max International, the first thing he said was. "Don't judge this until you meet the founders and understand the science." I took his advice and was blown away by the people involved and the scientific basis of the product. Entrepreneurs with this level of success, commitment, and investment in Max told me that I would be a fool if I did not take a deep look at this company. I did. Max and the company's support of our business turned out to be everything we thought it would be and more. Now we have a growing business in three countries. It is amazing.

Max International is not a "me too" company. I have looked at a lot of network companies before Max and there was no distinction, always the same type of founders, average products and mediocre business plans. Other companies may be just a re-shuffle of the same deck of cards, but not Max. This company has separated itself from everyone else because of its founder, partners, product and people. It has the strategic marketing advantage I was looking for. A unique selling proposition that is timely, organized and ready to grow into a world-wide opportunity. The thing that excites me so much I can't sleep at night is the timing of this opportunity. Part of the current economic toxicity is the poor management of massive overhead. In the Max business model, you can generate a lot of revenue and your overhead expense is spent learning, travelling, helping people and personally developing.

I spent 38 years building a network business so I could retire. I bought a farm and relaxed my way into boredom. I realized that I missed helping people dream. I needed the challenge and fun of making a business grow. When I saw Max and realized that they are the innovators in an untouched billion-dollar market, I couldn't wait to start building. Life is no longer a smooth glide. I'm on a rocket ship shooting for the moon.

I have been in networking for twenty years. I have never seen anything like this product and I never made money like I am in Max. I studied the company and met the founders and leaders and felt good about them. We started working the business and my life changed. Our business is international. We travel with our children who have a very positive outlook about their lives. They do not think in terms of limitations, but rather what they will do with their future. My sons already tell me how far they are going to go. If this is your first time in networking go with the flow and trust the system. Have a dream for your life and let us show you how to get good money and great results in your business. One of my satisfactions is to see the people I enroll in the company change their life and feel good about what they are doing because they are helping other people out too.

I am an eighteen year network marketer. I was comfortable in my business until I read a Steve Scott book, "The Greatest Words Ever Spoken." Right away I had to know more about his company, Max International. If he was building a company there was something transformational there. Meeting the partners and discovering the science convinced me that the networking business model was being reborn at Max. We see that in the number of Preferred Customers that we retain. I have never seen anything like it. In this global leadership crisis we see people suffering every day from the lack of solutions to economic and health care problems. The convergence of Max is that of transformational nutrition and the power to create wealth.

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